Insights from the Tour with Ted Scott, PGA TOUR Caddie and Arccos Ambassador.

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We caught up with Ted, prior to this week’s restart of the PGA Tour at the Charles Schwab ChallengeColonial Country Club in Ft. Worth Texas, known as Hogan’s Alley and The Horrible Horseshoe, it’s a classic track with a rich history. Here are Ted’s thoughts on coming back, his expectations, the importance of preparation, and some words to Arccos member who will be watching: 


Arccos: First week back, are you nervous? Excited?

Ted Scott: My first week back is bittersweet. I have been carrying for 20 years now. That was probably the longest I have ever been home. I got used to being with my family every night and it was hard to leave. Now that I have left, I am excited to be here.


What are your expectations?

Ted Scott: I don't have any expectations, mainly because Bubba has only played this tournament one time with me on the bag. Also, I think there will be some people with rust in their game. I'm just hoping Bubba is not one of them LOL.  


Arccos: How important is preparation for the opening round on Thursday? How much time do you spend marking up your yardage book or making notes during your practice rounds? 

Ted Scott: When I come to a new course, I have to take more notes because I don't know the place, checking to see how tee shots release and how greens break from every angle. Yardage books and, now Arccos are making that much easier though. When I first started carrying years ago, we had to hand draw lots of things. Now it's almost all done for you with AI. I'm thankful for that.  


Arccos: Any words to the Arccos members that won’t be able to attend but will definitely be watching?

Ted Scott: For Team Arccos that will be watching but cannot be here, we will definitely miss your energy and excitement over great golf. It will be strange without you. Looking forward to having you back soon.