Digging Into Your Numbers: Strokes Gained Insights

Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA) is the industry's most advanced way of understanding the true performance of a golfer. Arccos makes it possible for amateur golfers to measure every detail of their game, just like the pros.

The ability to compare performance across handicaps (Tour player to 20 HCP) is one of the unique and powerful features of Arccos’ SGA. Adjusting the handicap filter allows golfers to set attainable goals for steadily lowering their handicap. While traditional stats like Fairways/GIR are ‘nice to have,’ SGA is like putting each facet of your game under a microscope.

Arccos members already boast an average of 5.71 strokes dropped from their handicap in their first year of membership. Strokes Gained Analytics provides an even more powerful way for the best golfers to evaluate their performance.

SGA Breakdown: Study your detailed performance insights for driving, approach shots, short game, and putting through the SGA Breakdown in your “Summary.” Understand how many strokes you're gaining or losing relative to your target handicap, and pinpoint exactly where you can make improvements.

Top 3 Insights: On the overview screen, members can view a breakdown of their top three strengths and top three weaknesses. By identifying which facets need your attention and focusing your time and effort on those areas, you'll be able to lower your scores even faster.

Trend Analysis: Track your progress over time with Arccos' "Trend Analysis." Review detailed breakdowns of each facet to see where you're improving or where you might need more work, and stay on course to achieve your goals.

With Arccos, golfers of any skill level, can access the tools and insights they need to understand their game, set realistic improvement goals, and play their best game.