Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors: Transition to Subscription FAQs

What is changing with Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors?

We are transitioning Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to a subscription product once our existing inventory has sold out, which we anticipate happening in the next few weeks. We will refer to the existing non-subscription product as the 2nd Generation version and the new subscription product, which will launch early next year, as the 3rd Generation version.

Why are you transitioning Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to a subscription product?

This transition will bring Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors in line with Arccos Caddie Smart Grips and the Smart Sets offered by Cobra and PING, all of which require an active subscription. It also allows us to continually invest in the Arccos platform and develop exciting and innovative new features.

Will the 1st and 2nd generation non-subscription versions ever require a subscription?

We are committed to our loyal customers. Any existing user or new user who activates an Arccos Caddie account with the 1st or 2nd Generation version of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors will not be charged a subscription. 

Will I be affected by this change as an existing Smart Grip/Smart Set (i.e. PING or Cobra) subscriber?

No, your subscription will stay the same as it is today.

I just bought a set of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, do I now require a subscription?

No, the subscription version of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors will not be released until early-2020. The 2nd Generation version, which is still widely available on our website and with key retail partners, is a non-subscription product and does not need an active subscription.

I don’t plan to activate my Arccos Caddie account until next year will need to subscribe when I activate?

No, the sensor firmware in the 2nd Generation version is unique and will ensure that whenever you activate your Arccos Caddie account you will not need to subscribe.

How can I differentiate between both versions?

The 3rd Generation version will feature new packaging and will retail for $179.99 with the first year’s subscription included. It will clearly state on the packaging that the first year’s subscription is included and will only be available for purchase in early-2020. The existing 2nd Generation version will continue to be available through key retail partners until it has sold out.

Will the sensors look different?

The sensors look identical, however our proprietary firmware allows us to distinguish between sensor types. This ensures that purchasers of the 2nd Generation version will not be charged a subscription.

Are the sensors in the 3rd Generation version different from the sensors in the 2nd Generation version?

There is no difference between the sensors aside from the firmware which allows us to distinguish between subscription and non-subscription sensor types.

As you move to a subscription product will there be new features coming?

We have a number of new features launching for golf season in 2020 which will be available to both subscription and non subscription users at no additional cost. 

Will you continue to offer replacement sensors to purchasers of the 2nd Generation and prior generation versions?

Yes, we will continue to ensure that purchasers of the 2nd Generation and prior generation versions can purchase replacement sensors at a discounted rate after the warranty expires.

What will the price of the 3rd generation of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors be?

The 3rd Generation version of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors will retail for $179.99 and will include the first year’s subscription.

I have a question that is not answered?

Please email us at with any questions you may have and one of our team will be get back to you shortly.