New Distance Unit Options For Approach Shots & Putting

On the golf course do you measure your distances in yards or meters? Imperial or Metric? Well, most golfers in Japan use both! That’s right, Yards are used from the tee to the green and Meters are used on the green. However, this was not possible with the Arccos Caddie app as only yards or meters were selectable… ...until now! 

While units have been a modern discrepancy across international lines, Brits using stones, pounds and celsius, Aussies breaking tradition and using kilos instead of stones/pounds, and Americans clutching onto the imperial system with a death grip. The Japanese market has a hybrid usage of measurements when it comes to golf (specifically). A new update to the Arccos Caddie app allows players to measure in both yards AND meters.

While originally designed for our Japanese members to track their off green shots in yards and their putts in meters, it is also inclusive for those who play abroad or have international coaches that use varying measurements. This will help users to improve their understanding of the shot tracking and rangefinder to give them better indications of on-course performance.

To adjust the measurement units, navigate to the settings page > preferences > distance measurements and then select Yards / Meters. Please note: this option will currently only change the distance measurements whilst in-play and not the strokes gained analytics

Dual Distance Units Arccos Caddie App iPhone

This isn’t the first time we have updated features for the Japanese market. Last year we launched Dual Greens: the ability to select which green is being “played” in order to correctly adjust the flag position. Courses in Japan typically have a left and right green with different grasses to account for the country’s extreme climate. To keep greens in the best possible condition, one green has warm weather grass, like Bermuda, and the other cool weather grass, like bent. 

If you are interested in planning an exotic golf trip, Japan should be on your short list! (Count us in for a sushi, ramen and golf tour…). Japan is home to more than 2,200 courses, roughly as many as the U.K. and Ireland combined. Japan is roughly the size of California, which according to a quick google search has just over 900 courses. So it's safe to say Japan is a golfer's haven. 

Arccos members have the unique ability to relive their rounds from every shot they take in their app. So while you might be playing a bucket list course, or shooting a personal best, Arccos is there to help golfers relive their memories on their greatest golf trips. Unique experiences like playing dual green mapped courses, is new and exciting for most Western golfers. Arccos Members have the ability to select which green is being “played” in order to correctly adjust the flag position. The Arccos Preview Caddie is also a handy way to run through your strategic approach to a course with dual greens. Both greens will be visible, and you can adjust the flag position to the appropriate green in-play. Remember, adjusting pin position is important for accurate player stats whenever you play.  

Dual Greens of Japan

Pro Tip: All courses with 2 greens will have the name ending in “Select Greens”- if you find a course with 2 greens that doesn’t have a ‘select greens’ variant in Arccos, please reach out to and our mapping team will add it.