How Arccos Data is Helping Pros and Amateurs Alike

Over the last few years, data has infiltrated the golf world. For players and instructors looking to hone in on a specific on-course weakness, the right stats tell a robust story. And for the 99 percent of average Joes who don’t have access to top-tier teachers, they can utilize the same data to make practice sessions more efficient and develop the best possible strategy for every shot thanks to Arccos Caddie's technology.

In a recent article, Claude Harmon shared why he requires all of his junior students to play with Arccos.

It allows us to waste less time during practice rounds,” he said. “I already know what’s going on. Driver and putter look good, but your irons sucked, so let’s go out and work on that part of your game during today’s session. It’s the same thing we’re doing on the PGA Tour. We don’t have a lot of time to play the guessing game.”

Why play a guessing game when accessing the right data can help you improve much faster? And who wouldn’t want the same information that PGA Tour players use with their instructors? Here’s an example of how Shauheen Nakhjavani uses Arccos data from his students’ rounds to develop a more customized game-improvement plan:



With Arccos Caddie Smart Grips (and Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors), you, too, can access the same information, analyze and share it with your instructor, and fast-track your goal of shooting lower scores.