Golf Industry Questions From Twitter Answered With Arccos Data

Answering Golf Industry Questions With Arccos Data From TwitterDo you ever wish that you could just have a golf Magic 8 ball? Well, here at Arccos, we kind of do. 

‘Managing Your Expectations’ is back for another segment and this week Arccos’ own (and self-proclaimed) “data nerd” Lou Stagner and Golf Channel’s Anna Jackson Whiteley and Damon Hack answer all of your burning golf questions. Nothing is off the table in this recap so buckle up to cover a bunch of bases!

What are the average putts by handicap ranges 0-5, 6-10, etc?
This answer may not totally shock you: Hitting more greens results in more putts and vice versa. Can’t be mad if you hit 5 more greens and have 8 more putts per round. 

Fairway or rough- who hits more greens? This answer is clear as day. 
Players who hit more fairways will save shots during their rounds, period. Additionally, when choosing a club always remember that distance is king—tee her high and let her fly!

Where are amateur golfers most likely to miss a green, short or long?
No surprise, short is the more common miss by like, a lot. It may not be the easiest pill to swallow, but mayyyyybe we just don’t hit our clubs as far as we think we do. To that we say, trust your data.  

From 14 meters (or 15 yards), just off the green, how often will a 15 handicap chip it within 3 meters? 6 meters?
No frills on this answer here- inside 20 feet is the most likely outcome for a 15 handicap. 

From 100 yards, what’s the success of a 15 handicap?
Lou says it best- just get it in the hole in 3 strokes. Life will be good! 

Where are 10 handicaps gaining their strokes?
Great news! You’re bound to do something good in your game! Rely on those to get you through the day. While it isn’t common to have everything working together on the same day, take your little wins and use your strengths to capitalise on dropping those strokes. 

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