Become a Better Putter with Arccos

Opinions on putting vary among golfers, some might love it, while others might be switching putters more than we would like to admit. For many of us, putting can account for nearly half of our shots on the golf course. If you're looking to improve your putting game with Arccos, here are a handful of key insights to consider:

Benchmark Your Putting Performance: Arccos allows you to compare your putting performance against golfers with similar handicap targets. By analysing over 750 million collected shots, you can see how you stack up. Assess whether you're gaining or losing strokes in putting compared to your target handicap. If you're losing shots, Arccos provides detailed insights to help you pinpoint areas where you need improvement. 

Study your "Putting by Length" data: Dive into the "Putting by Length" section, a favourite of Lou Stagner. It dissects your putting performance in terms of Strokes Gained, Make Percentages, and 3-putt Percentages.

Strokes Gained: Gain insights into your putting performance across different distances.
3-Putt Percentages: Identify distances where you tend to three-putt more often than you should, helping you work on distance control.
Make Percentages: Discover where you excel or struggle with putting. It's hard to hide your performance, especially with those crucial 5-foot putts.


Mark the Pin Location: To obtain the most precise and consistent feedback from your Arccos putting data, always mark the pin location accurately. This small but essential step ensures your data is the most accurate and precise.

Embark on your journey to improve your stats and lower your scores with the power of Arccos Data. Just as professional golfers value their stats on tour, you can discover and optimise your own personalised data as well.