Arccos Wins 2016 Shot Tracker Shootout

In a recent comparison of golf shot trackers by Plugged In Golf, Arccos was named Best Shot Tracker over Game Golf, Game Golf Live and the Izzo Swami GT.

The ranking included ratings of Ease of Use, Data Presentation, Setup and Extras. Arccos took the top ranking in Ease of Use, Data Presentation, Extras and, of course, the overall prize. 

Wrote Matt Saternus, Director of Instruction at Plugged In Golf:

"The winner in the two most important categories, and the overall best shot tracker of 2016, is Arccos GolfGAME Golf Live is a substantial improvement over the original GAME Golf, but it still falls short of Arccos in critical ways."

Earlier this year, Arccos was also named Best Game Analyzer by Golf Digest in its inaugural Editor's Choice Awards.

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