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Welcome to Arccos News where we share tips, product updates, announcements and interesting facts so you can get the most out of Arccos Caddie, helping you to play smarter, improve faster and shoot lower scores!

Arccos Tip

The launch of iOS 13 has presented some challenges with location settings. Here is how you can ensure seamless shot tracking by setting Location Services to "Always" for the Arccos Caddie app.

Location Settings GIF

To confirm your settings go to: Settings > Caddie > Location > Set to "Always"

Why do we need it set to "Always"? The Arccos Caddie app works in the background while the phone is in your pocket, without this setting we are unable to provide shot tracking when the app is not being used in the foreground.

Reminder to all Apple Watch with Shot Detection Users: With the cooler weather approaching, long sleeves that cover the Apple Watch may block the microphone and result in missed shots. We recommend pulling up your sleeve so that the watch remains fully uncovered while in play.

Arccos Quiz

What was the average driving distance of an Arccos user in 2018?

a) 218 yards b) 228 yards c) 238 yards d) 248 yards

Scroll down to reveal the answer! 

Arccos Announcement

On Monday we announced an exciting collaboration with SuperStroke that allows for the seamless integration of an Arccos Caddie Putter Sensor into all SuperStroke CounterCore and Traxion putter grips with a Tech-Port. 

Arccos x SuperStroke Putter Grip Accessory

Arccos Quiz Answer

The answer is a). After analyzing over 10 million drives in over 100 countries the average Arccos Caddie user driving distance was 218 yards! Shorter than you thought?