Arccos Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gift Of Lower Scores

Father's Day Golfing

Father’s Day and the game of golf are inescapably linked each year by the final round of the U.S. Open on the third Sunday in June. And that’s just the way dad’s like it. All golf, all day. And with this year’s tournament held at Torrey Pines in La Jolla, Calif., dad’s enjoyment will extend well into the evening.

One the PGA TOUR, players have been leveraging big data and advanced analytics to improve their game for over a decade. Now, dad has the same advanced metrics (and then some) available to him through Arccos. 

Arccos is a shot tracking platform featuring an A.I.-Powered Rangefinder, Caddie Advice for club selection, a new Strokes Gained Analytics feature and Smart Distance Club Averages. While it may sound complicated, purchasing, activating and using Arccos is as easy as a tap-in putt. What’s more, golfers using Arccos improve their handicap by five strokes, on average, after one year. 

Sound like the perfect gift for the data-driven dad in your life? Here’s a full menu of Arccos products to help guide your Father’s Day shopping. 

Smart Sensors 

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors are the original cornerstone of Arccos and are the ideal gift for getting dad started on his Arccos journey. 

The set comes with 14 Smart Sensors (one for each club, including the putter) that twist into the ends of existing grips. The exception (we will explain below) is for players who have a SuperStroke counterbalance grip on their putter, for which Arccos offers a special sensor accessory (see below). 

Dad needs simply to pair his clubs via Bluetooth with the Arccos Caddie App, a process that takes less than five minutes. Just make sure he has his putter paired, a requirement for activating the system. If he gets a new club – a driver for example – sensors are easily unpaired and re-paired.

Smart Sensors are a great gift option, since they can easily be installed on any set of clubs. They’re also ideal for golfers who like to tinker and frequently change-out their clubs.

Smart Grips

If dad is already an Arccos member using Smart Sensors, Father’s Day could be a good time to migrate him to Arccos Caddie Smart Grips. Or, if you think he’d prefer an integrated and seamless look and feel, Smart Grips are an attractive alternative to Smart Sensors. 

How it works: sensors are embedded into the ends of the grips, which can be installed on any set of clubs, and connect to Across Caddie using the same Bluetooth technology as Smart Sensors.

Arccos has partnered with the game’s two leading brands, Lamkin and Golf Pride, with options including the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 and Tour Velvet, and Lamkin Crossline 360 and UTx. 

All grips are offered in standard and midsize. Don’t know which size to get? A quick check of dad’s golf glove will inform your decision. If it’s an extra-large, opt for the midsize. For a medium or large, opt for the standard size. 

If you know nothing about golf grips and clubs—smart sensors are usually the safer gift! Opt for the Bundle for the most seamless experience with Arccos. 

Both Smart Sensors and Smart Grips come with a one-year subscription to the Arccos Caddie App, a $119.88 value ($9.99/month billed annually after the first year).


Arccos Caddie Link is a lightweight, wearable shot-tracking device that seamlessly connects between the sensors and the app. It automatically records shot data while your phone rests comfortably in your golf bag, cart or pushcart. What’s more, dad can play his favourite tunes or stream the big game or PGA TOUR broadcast. 

If he is already an Arccos member, this could be an excellent addition to his bag. Using the Arccos Caddie Link is the most seamless experience for users regardless of Android or iOS, as it conserves phone battery, and provides the freedom to play the game the way the player prefers. For those who prefer to keep their phone on them to utilise Arccos full feature set, you can shift your phone from your front to back pocket for a more comfortable feel.

Bundles are Better

Help take dad’s game to the next level with a special bundle of Smart Sensors and Link. This option is the easiest way to ensure compatibility with his set up (phone device/grips etc.) And for a limited time, Link is available in all black. If Dad isn’t already an Arccos member, buying the bundle means he has everything he needs to have a seamless Arccos experience. Additionally, by purchasing the products together, you can even save an extra 10%.  

SuperStroke Putter Grip Adapter

If you watched the 2021 PGA Championship at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, or any PGA TOUR event lately, you’ve seen dozens of players sporting thick putter grips emblazoned with red, black and blue logos and lines. 

SuperStroke putter grips have taken the TOUR by storm, and Arccos has teamed with the upstart Wisconsin-based company to offer the integrated SuperStroke Putter Grip Accessory, allowing for the seamless attachment of a sensor. 

For just $19.99, it includes an Arccos Caddie Putter Sensor, purpose-built housing that attaches to Traxion or CounterCore grips, tightening tool and wrench. 


Golfballs (Is it possible to have too many? Nope.)

Arccos has partnered with to offer free customisation on orders of golf balls through June 20th (excluding sports teams and logo products). Which means you can write Dad a fun or thoughtful message on some golf balls or even add a photo. You just have to use the promo code ARCCOS at checkout. Here is the website to order some golf balls with free customisation.

Hats and Towels 

Arccos Performance Tech Hats and Towels make for nice pairing to other Arccos gifts. And let’s face it, no golfer can have too many hats or towels. The Performance Tech Hats are engineered by AHEAD and feature a moisture-wicking headband. Towels (also from AHEAD) are made from quick-absorbing microfibres and include an easy-to-clip carabiner attachment.  

Partner Programs for Arccos Bonus

Arccos is proud to partner with best-in-class equipment manufactures like Cobra, Ping and TaylorMade. Select clubs from each brand qualify for a free trial of the Arccos Caddie system and even free sensors for every club in the bag. If you’re thinking of buying Dad new equipment for Father’s Day, you can check out each manufacturers’ eligible clubs. 

Buying equipment is actually a science—hence our awesome partnerships with fitters like TXG, Cool Clubs and Club Champion. So if you’re not sure which clubs Dad might want, a fitting session might be an excellent idea as well!

If Dad is serious about lowering his scores on the golf course, any of these options will be sure to make him smile!