Amateur Golfers & What Their Data Is Telling Us

Arccos Data Is Largest sports IoT Dataset

Arccos Caddie could very easily be considered the largest implemented IoT sports project in the world. With data being gathered from all skill levels, in 190+ countries, the sheer amount of data is mind-boggling (Billions of data points). But what that data is saying can be viewed collectively to show interesting trends or individually to help a single golfer improve their performance on the course. Either way, this data is seriously insightful, and helps us better understand what is going on in 'golf' with the cold hard facts that you can't argue with—numbers. 

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With Arccos Technology as the Caddie, Decisions for Average Golfers Will Be ‘Totally Different’
Written by Joe Lemire

Having a supercomputer as a caddie with neural net programming powering A.I. and Machine learning might sound like a bit out of the Jetsons… but it’s actually the meat and potatoes of Arccos Golf. Lemire from Sporttechie interviewed Arccos CEO Sal Syed to talk about how the Strokes Gained Analytics in Arccos is likely better than the data that PGA tour players use. Here is what you can expect from the article:

  • Arccos is so cool and so many golfers are using it (yadda yadda yadda 😉)
  • Behind the screens: How the collective data is modelled and benefits all golfers
  • How Arccos made Strokes Gained Analytics digestible and useful for all skill levels
  • How Artificial Intelligence will continue to advance the product for even more insights to players all around the world

Golf Digest PGA Championship 2021

How hard is Kiawah for the average golfer? This data says very hard
Written by Mike Strachura

Sometimes it would be nice to see an ‘average Joe’ out with the professionals so it is easier to see just how good the pros really are. Well until there is a lottery for 15 HCPs to play Kiawah’s Ocean Course with the pros this weekend at the PGA Championship—this article is the next best thing. 

Statchura leveraged the Arccos data and highlighted just how impressively depressing the numbers were for Arccos members on the Ocean Course. "In short, welcome to Thunderdome." Here are the reality checks you'll get from the article: 

  • Highlighting the historic difficulty of the Ocean Course
  • Just how unlikely it is to perform well on the course at different levels
  • How amateurs perform in various facets along the course
  • A reminder to pack extra golf balls if you ever play the Ocean Course

goforth and golf podcast

Goforth & Golf Podcast: Episode 19 with Arccos CEO Sal Syed
Created by Steve Goforth

The first half is dedicated to understanding how you can hit the driver further—but the second half is an excellent discussion with Arccos CEO Sal Syed and the impact that Arccos can have for golfers.

What to expect:

  • Why we called Arccos, “Arccos”
  • How it all works
  • How Strokes Gained is more impactful than traditional stats used in golf
  • How Arccos can help you with bag composition (excuse to buy new clubs? maybe.)

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