How tough is Whistling Straits? Team Arccos tells the story

The 'Straits' course at Whistling Straits is hosting its third PGA Championship despite having opened less than 15 years ago.

What is it about the course, which will also host the 2020 Ryder Cup, that has the PGA of America flocking to its Lake Michigan shores?

Well, for starters, it's tough. Very tough.

Built by famed designer Pete Dye, the Straits course houses approximately 1,000 bunkers -- including nearly 100 on the closing hole alone!

But what it carries in difficulty, it more than equals in beauty. Nearly all of the holes on the course play with no less than a view of Lake Michigan. Many of them include the lake's waters as hazards.

With so much talk surrounding the PGA Championship's host course, we decided to dig into what makes the course so unique. With data compiled on rounds played at Whistling Straits by Arccos golfers, we've learned that it's, indeed, quite tough.

#TeamArccos' Whistling Straits
Rounds At A Glance

Average Score: 86.6
Low Score: 76
High Score: 99
Front 9 Average Score: 43.4
Back 9 Average Score: 43.2
Rounds in the 70s: 13%
Rounds in the 80s: 53%
Rounds in the 90s: 33%
Toughest Hole: Par-3, 17th (+1.5 scoring average)
Easiest Hole: Par-4, 14th (+.4 scoring average)
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