3 Data Nuggets to Add Some Spark to your Game!

Looking to put a little "pop" into your approach game this season? Let’s bring some fireworks to your golf game with these explosive data nuggets from over 900 million shots tracked at Arccos. Here’s how you can light up the fairways and add some sizzle to your shots!

The odds of a 10-handicap player hitting all 18 greens in regulation? 1 in every 51,000 rounds!

  • Talk about a rare fireworks display! This just shows how challenging golf can be. But don’t let that put out your spark—every round offers a new opportunity to improve. And Arccos can help you work towards reaching small goals along the way. 

Speaking of greens, hitting more of them can be a game-changer. Even the pros don’t hit every green in regulation, but the more greens you hit, the lower your scores tend to be. Check out these insights for 10 handicappers:

Hitting more greens in regulation means you’ll have more opportunities to have that putter in hand to roll it into the hole, versus nervy chip shots to get up and down for par. 

But how do you hit more greens? Well, this is where Arccos can potentially help you break it down and see exactly where in your approach game you might be struggling. For example

10-handicappers from 150 yards in the fairway:

  • To a front pin (6 yards or less from the front), miss it short of the green 39% of the time.
  • To a back pin (6 yards or less from the back), miss it long of the green 9% of the time.

🚀 Pro tip: Many shots from the average 10-handicapper tend to fall short. Know your true distances with your clubs using Arccos and Smart Distances, which can help you pick the right club for every shot and add some fireworks to your game!

There’s a treasure trove of data in the Arccos app that can give your game a little more “spark” this season. Dive in to discover where you might be gaining or losing shots on the course.

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