Apple stores provide boost to small tech startup Arccos Golf


Many consider it a seal of approval when Apple agrees to commit shelf space in its stores to a product. For Sal Syed, the CEO and co-founder of a small startup, Arccos Golf, it is more than that. It is a dream.


“For us, really, Apple sets the benchmark in terms of quality and workmanship of a product,” Syed said. “I don’t think there’s a more polished, better-looking product than the iPhone. It’s a huge boost for us to have our product available at the same stores. For a small startup, it’s a dream.”

Arccos has developed sensors that attach to the butt end of golf clubs and automatically deliver real-time statistical data to an iPhone app. Apple stores began carrying Arccos sensors on Wednesday.

“It has to make sense for Apple to have your products,” Syed said. “Our product is directly integrated to the iPhone and basically brings the iPhone to life on the golf course. That is something that hasn’t been achieved before. For golfers, it gives them a compelling reason to take their iPhone on the golf course and derive value for it.

“A huge reason is the product itself. This is the first time in golf that there are going to be automatic sensors that detect shots and transmit data information without having to do anything. The immediacy of the information via the iPhone platform is a game changer.”

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The instant credibility that space in Apple stores provides could help offset whatever aversion potential consumers might have to its $399 price. At that, Syed sees a broad demographic spectrum that will find value in the Arccos.

“It’s really interesting,” he said. “It will have a demographic across the board, but generally golf tech skews older. So we’ll have a fair share of tech savvy adults. But look at kids. Cell phones are an extension of their life and it’s been missing on the golf courses. Biking and running are already connected. On the golf course none of that extension existed before.

“These are very, very exciting times for us.”

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