2016: The year in stats


To each member of #TeamArccos, we send a hearty “Thank You” for an exceptional 2016 and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

Your passion for the game inspires us every day as we strive to achieve our mission of helping golfers of all skill levels play better and have more fun.

Being a data company staffed by rocket scientists, Ivy League PHDs, mathematicians, software developers and PGA Professionals, we’re constantly reviewing the stats created by the Arccos Community. We can say, unequivocally, that your achievements in 2016 – collective and individual – were truly astounding. In addition to all the holes-in-one and countless personal bests, our favorite milestones include:




Handicap improvement by one Arccos user – the largest performance leap of any single member of #TeamArccos in 2016. Our "Most Improved User" played 40 rounds this year while leveraging the power of his personal data to go from a 27.5 handicap to an 8.9!

3.52 strokes

Average overall handicap improvement by an Arccos user who played at least 10 rounds. This rate of improvement confirms that trusting club distances and understanding your game at a deeper level leads to high-quality golf.

14.91 feet

Average improvement in proximity to the hole on each approach shot by an Arccos user who played at least 10 rounds. With the Arccos app, you understand your true distances with each club – allowing you to hit it close to the hole and make the most of your greens in regulation. 

50 million

Total shots taken by Arccos users since the system launched in October 2014. We know, this number isn't tied directly to 2016, but the speed with which data is being accumulated is staggering.

493 million

Yards driven by Arccos users in 2016. That equates to 11 trips around the earth! The release of the Arccos Driver single-sensor system helped the community reach this incredible metric.

368 million

Features mapped across more than 40,000 courses in the Arccos system. Our (awesome) Customer Experience team hand-maps each bunker, water hazard and fairway. This precise mapping process is crucial to our real-time, hands-free system.