19th Hole with Michael Williams of GolfWRX Featuring Arccos

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Golfers can benefit from the truth—this is one of the early reasons why Mike Williams from GolfWRX was excited to follow the Arccos journey. He invited Arccos Golf Co-Founder and CEO, Sal Syed, to have a great chat on some of the latest updates from Arccos.

Golfers can leverage the data from millions of shots taken from other golfers, to give an almost ‘communal view’ of their game but from their own lens. Being able to compare against the ‘field’ is part of what makes Arccos’ algorithms for game analysis so powerful. 

Mike and Sal also discuss how coaches and players can leverage the new Arccos Team Program. End of the day, you will be convinced that measuring performance is critical when looking at equipment, progress, and how golfers spend their time prepping for and playing their rounds.

Check Episode 152 of 19th Hole podcast by GolfWRX below:


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